June 16, 2016

Precautions for use of confidential filing cabinets

Confidential file cabinet buyers more and more, at the time of purchase, the manufacturers will generally explain some of the notes, but because of time and other reasons, the customer will omit some information. Today Alang helps you to understand the full information of the confidential file cabinet, for your convenience.

Alang confidential cabinet is a two-way control lock, electronic password and key. As shown below, the left is the keyhole, the middle is the electronic password display, the right side can be opened, there are connected to the battery box wire and emergency keyhole.

After opening the electronic password lock panel, there is a place where the battery is used, because the electronic code lock can be battery powered, requiring a total of four batteries. When the panel is not bright, the biggest reason is the battery is no electricity, you can replace the battery, if the panel is not bright, you can use the battery box charge, if not bright, you can call the manufacturers aftermarket.


There is a small red button on the back of the panel to change the password. The specific operation is: first with the correct password to open the confidential file cabinet, then press the red button, enter the password you want to change, # key end, password modification is successful.


Confidential file cabinet whether it is product quality or safety performance, better than ordinary file cabinet, which is the reason for the higher price of confidential cabinet, of course, the production requirements of confidential file cabinet will be higher, at least need to meet the following conditions:


1, the cabinet should be thickened steel plate


2, interlocking folding structure


3, built-in anti-rubbing door


4, three-way multi-point design

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