August 4, 2015

office furniture make office environment more perfect

With the development of science and technology, office furniture is becoming more and more intelligent. Office furniture are intelligent furniture designers make full use of existing science and technology and reasonable application in office furniture design.

In addition to the traditional height can be adjusted freely, video conference table lifting system, and other functions, intelligent but also on the design of chairs, seats, can lift, waist, up and down, left and right before and after depend, armrest can adjust to support different height and elbow operation height of the lumbar spine. Also has the memory function, can according to user’s sitting position automatically adjust each point.

Along with the progress of The Times, the office furniture is no longer cold inhuman office equipment, office furniture can also be designed full of personality and artistic breath. Full of stylized office furniture, is changing the people to the office space a single color, layout of fixed stereotypes, let more professionals in the personalized office environment, seek more freedom and inspiration.

Human nature but also to focus on health, the attention to environmental protection, with lower carbon, more environmentally friendly, recyclable materials to production of office furniture, is the basic requirement of the future.And ergonomic office furniture design, but also the basic development of office furniture design.


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